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Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

The Institute for Occupational Safety ("IOSH") is the leading charter body which the reasonability to research common work related injuries and illness and come up with ways to prevent them. This organisation looks to reduce death in the workplace as well as injuries and illnesses. 

This organization was founded back in 1945 as a nonprofit organization. Since that time the organization has 45,000 members and provides information to over 100 countries all over the world. They aim to make the workplace safer for everyone. This organization is based out of the United Kingdom and works hard to make sure all employees are safe. 

IOSH works with a number of different organizations to increase safety in the workplace. They promote the awareness of safety standards and conduct a number of trainings to increase safety . They work with the government in order to pass laws to set professional safety standards and make sure all companies are following the basic safety requirements.

IOSH Training Courses

Training courses are developed by the IOSH and delivered by approved training providers such as Bravanark. The IOSH managing safely course lasts four days (over a fortnight period) depending on the material that is being covered. The material of the courses cover common risks in the workplace, the responsibility of management, accident investigation process, and how to measure safety performance. They also offer refresher courses for management. 

The IOSH working safely coruse is targeted at employees. They can learn basic health and safety precautions, their responsibility for keeping themselves safe, and how to report safety activities to managers. The organisation will also review risk assessment and the financial cost that workplace accidents have to both the company as well as the individual. 

While the managing safely course has to be attended in person at our specialist training centre, Bravanark can offer the working safely course via online e-learning or delivered in-house to multiple delegates. If you would like more information or have any questions regarding our products and services, please simply get in touch via 01189 541700 or the form below.

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