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Food Safety Training

Health and safety companies and food service providers can now benefit from an online course that gives them all the information they need on food safety. The course features interactive animations, presenter led training. It aims at providing an engaging e-learning training to those who are enthusiastic about food safety matters. 

EU and UK laws on food safety are quite stringent. They stress on the need for businesses that deal with food and their workers to handle the food they're serving their customers with safety. The EU and UK food safety laws ensure that food reaches its consumers when it's free from contamination. Those who defy these laws are in for hefty penalties. 

These courses are developed for Manufacturing Catering and Retail establishments. The courses are accredited by ROSPA and CPD

Level 1

Level 1 of the online food safety course is 50 minutes long. It introduces the trainees to the basics of food safety. This level targets employees with no background knowledge on how to safely handle food. It consists of four models that have interactive lessons and questions. Trainees must attain a minimum of 75 ^ when answering the questions before proceeding to the next level.  

Level 2

Unlike level 1, level 2 of the food safety training takes 75 minutes. It also targets practitioners in the retail, catering and manufacturing industries in the same way as level one. Settings where this level can help include care homes, schools, homes, food manufacturing plants, supermarkets, restaurants and pubs. 

Topics covered in this level include how contamination reaches food, controlling the contamination, food safety legislation and the importance of food safety. Trainees must attain over 75 percent when undertaking the assessment tests associated with this level. Upon completion, they receive a certificate as proof of successfully passing the course. 

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