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Fire Safety Training

One of the wisest decision you can make as an employer is to ensure your employees receive sufficient fire safety training to deal with fire emergencies. Fire accidents may take place anytime and might cause severe losses if not controlled in time.

Fire safety training is not only a government requirement for any company but is also beneficial to the business. Bravanark offer an e-learning alternative to the traditional fire safety training which is ideal for smaller companies. We can additionally provide  in-house training for a large amount of delegates.

What are the benefits of fire safety training? 

There are various advantages you will enjoy once your employees have proper skills for dealing with fire accidents, such as; 

Protection of customers and employees 

The primary role of fire safety training is to protect the lives of your employees and customers in case of a fire accident. Fire emergencies in the workplace can cause deaths, and the best way is to train the employees to understand what to do when the accident occurs. 

Improve your fire risk assessment 

Businesses must conduct fire risk assessment regularly to comply with the government legislation to determine the safety of the working place. Taking some of your employees to fire safety training will ensure your business premises are safe and also protect your business from legal actions. 

Boost your employee's skills 

The training will equip your employees with relevant skills on how to save lives in case of a fire accident. How to use the firefighting tools such as fire extinguishers and what to do immediately after the fire breaks out at the workplace. 

E-Learning we provide:

Basic Fire Safety

Fire Marshal for Commercial premises

Fire Marshal for Care Homes

Basic Fire Extinguisher Use

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Bravanark can assist in the completion of Fire Risk Assessments. For more information contact by Free Phone 0800 047 5876 or follow the link by clicking here

In summary, fire safety training is not only a way of abiding by government regulation, but it will also help you keep your business safe and avoid significant losses caused by fire accidents. Save lives by equipping your employees with firefighting skills and make your workplace safe for customers and workers.

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