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Health and Safety e Learning

The development of technology has had a massive impact on how we perform tasks. The wake of the digital age means that there are now digital versions of almost anything. The process of learning in particular has been improved with the help of improved communication technology amongst other fields. 

Bravanark are the established specialists in providing health and safety courses via online modules. We stongly believe that online learning is the way forward for their multiple benefits over traditional face-to-face delivery. 

All of our online courses are approved and recognised by their respective professional bodies. The quality of the qualification is not compromised simply because it was delivered in a different method. Each course is divided into modules with interactive tutor-led videos and a test which each candidate must take.

This method of learning is ideal for several reasons, and one of the most important is the cost. Online learning often costs considerably less than attending training in person, particular when arranging one-to-one training. Savings can also be made because the duration of the course is shorter in comparison to a personal delivery, meaning your staff are not spending too much time away from their usual duties. The flexibility of the course also means each candidate can take the course at a time which suits their schedule. The flexibility in the delivery also result in an optimised learning environment because the candidate can review the material as many times and as often as possible to ensure effecive learning.

Our range of online courses are available to purchase directly from our website. The technical specification requirement to run our courses are basic to most working computers with no particular software requirements. If you require any support or any information regarding our e-learning courses, please simply get in touch via Free Phone 0800 047 5876 or use the form below.

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