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Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos is a heat resistant fibrous silicate mineral that occur naturally. It is made up of microfibers that can be easily airborne and pose a great hazard when inhaled for a prolonged amount of time, yet it’s a material used in the construction industry causing thousands of illnesses every year. 

The online course seek to provide in depth awareness and the basic familiarization with asbestos, its uses, effects and proper legislation of asbestos.

These courses are accredited by ROSPA and IATP

Course Overview

Asbestos awareness training – The course has 4 modules

Asbestos for architects and designers - This course has 5 modules. 

A trainee must get a perfect score of 100% so as to be able move on to the next module, a maximum 3 retaking chances are provided for every module. 

The courses seek to enable a person to:

1. identify asbestos around the work space

2. know their use and the hazards they pose

3. Understand the properties and the different types of asbestos. 


The information gathered from this awareness programme are applicable in a vast majority of areas.

1. For architects and designers- they can use that knowledge to decide on the proper placement of asbestos so that they don’t cause any health hazard.

2. For contractors – To enable them to identify asbestos, asses them and identify if they pose any danger.

3. The certified safety providers can used the course to understand how to handle and dispose the toxic materials.